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DPI provides a one-stop resource for quickly and effectively preventing or eliminating nearly any decontamination or disinfection challenge by properly cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing.


Are you concerned about the economic strain, absenteeism, lost productivity, and the damage to your image that a contamination event can produce?  DPI can implement scheduled disinfecting and sanitizing programs that routinely help prevent or reduce illness-causing contaminates in order to protect your property, products, and people. Our entire network is poised to respond to sudden incidents and outbreaks in order to quickly and discreetly return your property to a healthy state. You may think you may never need these services, but our network members have serviced thousands of clients who thought that too. To help you prepare for the unforeseen, as well as avoid having to seek out and try to qualify a specialty contractor AFTER something happens, sign up for our pre-need Emergency Response Agreement!  When you sign-up you will receive PRIORITY RESPONSE on future services.


First, we want you to know that DPI emphasizes that communication, empathy, and discretion be part of every situation our network handles. Whether it is a cleanup after a tragic incident, or a health hazard concern, rest assured that your environment will be restored quickly and with minimal disruption to you and your home. Allergies, disease, immune system disorder risks, trauma/accident scenes, and more are handled daily by our network. Not only do they assess and treat, but also confirm the reduction or elimination of the cause in order to ensure that your property is safe and healthy again.


DPI is not like other companies who tend to offer a single method or product as a “one-size fits all” approach, or follow yesterday’s philosophy of “if it looks clean, it’s safe”.  We recognize the need to understand the science behind disinfecting and sanitizing in order to be most effective.  As a result, our members are able to respond quickly, apply the latest science to render your environment safe, and do it consistently, regardless of geographic location or challenge.