Crime Scene Cleanup, Accident and Medical Emergency Cleaning

In addition to being psychologically harmful to view, blood and many other body fluids can harbor disease. DPI member technicians:

  • are trained by leading industry entities (And must prove they are regulatory compliant, licensed and insured).
  • respond quickly to cases of injury or death 24-hours a day.
  • compassionately, safely and professionally clean and decontaminate, saving others from performing this emotionally traumatic and potentially dangerous task.
  • understand that these situations are especially emotionally devastating, which is why communication, discretion and respect are part of every scene they handle.
  • use a safe, biodegradable chemical to detect hidden blood, remove all biological contamination, and apply only environmentally-friendly disinfectants.
  • utilize an ATP measurement device to verify and document surface cleanliness.  (not all locations)
  • Guarantee their work.

Clandestine Drug Lab Detection and Decontamination

Scientists agree that the hazardous residues from “cooking” methamphetamine and other drugs can cause health problems for anyone who subsequently uses the property. Simple cleanup or painting is not adequate. In fact, most states are now regulating how these properties are to be decontaminated. DPI has researched these regulations and has developed testing and decontamination procedures that assure property occupants and owners that a property is healthy and safe for occupancy.

Tear Gas, Crime Scene Detection Chemicals, and Exploding Dye Packs

Sixteen years of experience removing these chemicals combined with experiments in our own laboratory has resulted in proficiency that we take pride in… and you can rely on.

Unhealthy Contamination

Although not considered crime scene cleanup per se, feces from humans, rodents, birds and animals all present potential health-hazard situations. Some of these contaminants can just be revolting, while other contaminants produce airborne and surface microbes that can actually cause significant illnesses. Regardless of the reason a property has become unsanitary or unhealthy, it is important that it be handled by technicians that are proficient in infection control as well as understanding the necessity for discretion.

Our members can:

  • cleanup and sanitize the property,
  • catalog and pack-out the salvageable contents, and
  • return the structure to a much healthier condition.

Members commonly work with health departments, codes enforcement, law enforcement, estate attorneys, guardians, counselors, organizers and others to quickly and economically restore the property with the utmost respect for the client.

Odor Cleanup

Biological odors can permeate the very pores of a structure and are often absorbed deep into carpets and furniture. Refusing to use “cover-up” fragrances, DPI members use gases and chemical vapors that reach deep into walls and upholstery, destroying the odor molecules completely and permanently.

Bed Bug Treatment*

Using a variety of methods, DPI members can kill bedbugs through a number of processes and chemical treatments. * This service is available only in select areas.

Proper Waste Disposal

Not only can you rest assured that DPI member technicians will properly dispose of all collected regulated and non-regulated waste, many members provide licensed medical waste pick-up service for small waste generators such as tatoo parlors, doctors offices, dental offices and more.