Environmental Consulting Services

Our member Industrial Hygienists, Certified Indoor Environmentalists, Infection Control Preventionists and Food Safety Professionals provide environmental testing and sampling, site assessments, protocol development, and regulatory compliance assistance. Infection Control Programs for hospital construction and remodeling, Food Safety Programs, and hygiene programs for GMP are just some of the services our member environmental testing companies offer.

Environmental Testing Services

Taking environmental samples to be evaluated by state-of-the-art environmental testing laboratories as well as performing on-site instant sampling helps DPI member Certified Industrial Hygienists to determine the presence of, identity of, and the severity of contamination. Environmental Testing can also confirm the success of the remediation process.

Product Sales and Installation

Many DPI member companies offer specialty products and devices for sale to the end user in order to maintain healthier environments. These items include air quality improvement devices, odor control units, safety items, and compliance material.