Disinfecting and Sanitizing

The following disinfecting and sanitizing services are available throughout the continental U.S., Hawaii, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Disease Prevention Services

DPI offers periodic, scheduled treatments as well as device installations to eliminate bacteria, viruses and fungi (mold) on virtually any surface.  We also offer two types of surface coatings for hard surfaces and fabrics that prevent microbial growth for months, yet are completely safe for humans and pets. These treatments can help reduce absenteeism, enhance air quality and ultimately make your property a safer and healthier place to be.

Disease Outbreak Response

DPI member technicians place a high priority on eradicating disease-causing pathogens from your environment, including common as well as unique contamination challenges. From the weakest enveloped virus to the toughest bacterial spore, we have the solution. In fact, we know of NO OTHER SERVICE NETWORK that has the technological know-how to design and implement a faster or more effective remediation process.  DPI offers a variety of chemistry and application devices (based on efficacy and safety) for each unique challenge, including Chlorine Dioxide Gas, Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide, Binary Ionization, UV-C irradiation, as well as traditional chemistry.


When outbreaks of foodborne illness such as e- coli, salmonella, listeria, norovirus and others occur, DPI members respond quickly. When downtime equals lost revenue, DPI shines by mobilizing skilled technicians to rapidly restore sanitation and customer confidence. Restaurants, processing plants, and even trucking companies benefit from our rapid response and environmental health services.


Unexplained bronchitis, fatigue, sinus pain, red itchy eyes, runny nose, and sneezing may be the result of chemical vapors or allergens such as dust mites, dander, spores, mold, and more. Our members can greatly reduce, and in some cases inactivate these allergens and volatile organic compounds to help prevent or minimize allergic reactions. Filtration products added to the HVAC system, as well as room air purification devices are also for sale to help maintain a healthier environment.

Facility-Biological Disinfection / Decommissioning Services

Laboratories, research facilities, and production facilities can benefit from high-level disinfection and sporicidal treatments as part of their routine maintenance.  Others may need these services in order to combat outbreaks or as part of a decommissioning process.  A variety of chemistry and application devices are available based on efficacy and safety for each unique challenge, including Chlorine Dioxide Gas, Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide, Binary Ionization, UV-C irradiation, and more.

Infection Control for Healthcare Construction

In order to minimize cross-contamination of treatment areas while remodeling takes place, member company’s technicians incorporate all processes required or recommended by the Joint Commission, the CDC and APIC to maintain ultimate environmental health for all involved.


Nicotine, smoke, cooking, and biological odors can permeate the very pores of the structure and into the fabrics of contents. Refusing to use “cover-up” fragrances, DPI members use gases and chemical vapors that attach themselves to odor molecules to destroy them completely and permanently. For on-going odor problems, devices can be installed to continuously combat these offenders.

Testing & Consulting Services

Taking environmental samples to be evaluated by accredited laboratories, as well as performing on-site instant sampling helps DPI member technicians determine the presence of, identity of, and the severity of the contamination. Testing can also confirm the success of the remediation process. Our Certified Industrial Hygienist members offer these services as well as site assessments, protocol development, regulatory compliance assistance, and more. Providing the best possible Environmental Health Services is our top priority.