Disaster Recovery Solutions

DPI disaster recovery companies are trained to follow the Incident Command System and are trained in evidence awareness and preservation.  They stand ready to work with local, state and federal officials in cleaning, disinfecting and restoring each scene to its pre-event healthy state. DPI member experience includes Anthrax bioterrorism cleanup, Ebola decontamination, mass fatality scenes, hurricanes, aircraft crashes, body recovery, and more. Our teams are ready to respond to requests for assistance 24/7. For companies who wish to sub-contract us, we are insured, bonded, and qualified. Call today for details.

Outbreaks, Epidemics and Pandemics

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), new diseases are emerging, and old diseases are re-emerging as drug-resistant mutations, in numbers never seen before.  In response, DPI strives to monitor international health organizations to stay abreast of the latest microbial outbreaks in order to develop effective response methods. DPI members have historically dealt successfully with bacterial and viral challenges in a wide variety of venues including cruise ships; in food establishments; antibiotic-resistant disease outbreaks in healthcare facilities; as well as the more common pathogens in daycare centers, schools and homes.

Foreign Animal Disease Response / Agricultural Outbreak Control

In response to the need for a cadre of responders to assist during an outbreak of animal-borne disease, DPI’s in-house APHIS-approved Foreign Animal Disease Response Master Trainer has put together a network of trained responders ready to help government experts and their contractors in containing, eradicating, and disinfecting these events. Whether naturally occurring or terrorism-based, these diseases have the potential to severely damage the agricultural infrastructure as well as food availability. DPI stands ready to mobilize our member’s technicians, chemistry and equipment at a moment’s notice.


Several of our members are counted among the companies who were selected to help provide anthrax decontamination in 2001. Using that unique experience, we have worked diligently to make sure that should another terrorism event occur, they are armed with the latest knowledge and EPA-approved cutting-edge technology to render scenes safe, just as they did in 2001.

Mass Casualty Support

Our network of member technicians, supplies and equipment can be quickly mobilized to help reduce bloodborne pathogen exposure and remove visually traumatizing carnage to protect the public as well as public service workers.  As specialists in biological decontamination, our members can assist in the removal of bodies, and can fill sanitarian roles at mobile morgues. Through DPI, as many member companies as necessary can be mobilized to decontaminate and disinfect scenes where human tissue or fluids have contaminated the environment, regardless of size and complexity.

Natural Disaster Recovery

DPI members can assist in sanitation issues such as cleaning and sanitizing restaurants, hospitals and other facilities that need to be operational quickly; including the remediation of bacterial, virus or other biological contamination.